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“I think buying vintage pieces that will last a long time and wont release microplastics into the ocean is the best way to go.”


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“I choose quality of quantity, I look for ethical brands with sustainable practices, and I make sure to learn more and stay informed. New designs, new technologies, new learnings to embrace!”


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“To become a more sustainable fashionista I choose “quality over quantity”✔️ The piece of clothing I’m wearing on the picture shows what I mean by that... recently I had the pleasure to work with @amourvert a sustainable fashion brand that inspired me so much !”


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As a nursing mom, I also chose to not buy a lot of specific nursingwear that I will only wear for a few months of my life. Instead, I select items with a deep v-neckline, wrap-designs, zip-front or button-ups, that work for nursing but that I can also wear for many years to come.


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“CHOOSE ETHICAL BRANDS: Shopping is a moral and social act. Choose eco-friendly manufacturers that use ethical practices to produce goods.”


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thrift shopping -my fave- and repping vegan leather such as this handbag line I modeled for @imoshion 👜 let’s make #dresslikeyoucare go viral!