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Cage-Free Egg Goal Advances At Kraft Heinz

One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies is investing heavily in sourcing of cage-free eggs and focusing on sustainable production practices for numerous additional commodities that go into its products.

Edible cutlery company wants us to eat our way out of plastic pollution

Plastic waste covers our oceans and landfill. The past 70 years of plastic waste have resulted in pollution so ubiquitous scientists say it’s a marker of a new geological epoch, the manmade Anthropocene.


Adrian Grenier: Why He Launched The Strawless Ocean Initiative



The Bill Gates-backed vegetarian burger is coming to a national fast food chain

Just in time for Independence Day, burgers by Beyond Meat, the company that makes faux meat from plants, will be available at fast food chain BurgerFi starting July 3.