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Our global best practices database and in-depth knowledge of the Corporate Social Responsibility field provides our clients with a constant pulse on the changing dynamics in business. Clients range from global public companies, to private equity-backed brands, to Founder led tech companies.


The new dynamics in all industries require established brands and service oriented companies to think differently and to create structures that are more fluid, enabling them to move with a more conscious approach and to develop their impact. Collaborations are rapidly becoming a key strategic move and can have a tremendous impact as long as they have the right partners and leaders to allow them to develop quickly. Small and medium-sized charities and social enterprises are often the ones coming up with the most innovative solutions to social problems. Our CO-LAB Service provides a comprehensive approach to addressing these aspects for both companies of scale, and those run by social-entrepreneurs and charities. The CO-LAB model is the partnership that allows a corporation and a charity to make the smartest and greatest impact.


Empathy is an incredible asset in the workforce and today’s leaders need to be aware of that skill, it can be taught and enhanced. Today’s leaders need to engage their teams locally, regionally and globally. In order to create a caring business culture, they must be able to articulate their vision and strategy in a compelling way and drive change with a more empathic approach. If you are a leader involved in the creative development of new ideas and products that have to be embraced either internally or externally, it’s very important to create a compelling caring strategy that brings a conscious business culture to the center of the conversation.

There is a method that can enable you to develop a more empathic approach for bringing a caring strategy to life throughout your organization. This critical skillset also enables multi-discipline teams to understand what each individual is doing and why, and it creates the context for innovation, growth, accountability, best practices, value add, meaning and much more. The Empathy Workshops are developed on a customized basis to engage with executive teams from innovation-driven companies and corporations that recognize that a more empathic approach and a conscious business strategy are fundamental to their success.


Caring is an essential quality of leadership.  A successful leader is a leader that cares for their teams, their customers and their clients.  It’s the way to thrive, both personally and professionally.

A recent survey asked, “What is the most important quality an employee asks of his or her leader?”  Vision, success, strategic consensus, innovation, performance, culture, and empowerment were all addressed.  These are important to say the least.  But the most recurrent question was, Does the leader care for me?  They wanted to know more about the leader’s caring ability than the leader’s competency.  The fact that the leader could take them to a higher level was important.  Yet they got in line because the leader had their best interests in mind.  It’s the “care package” coupled with the “competence package” that makes a great leader.  Caring goes beyond a feeling of empathy or thought of concern.  It includes meeting your staff members at their point of need.  What do they need from you to succeed in the role they play?  Is the leader making decisions with an empathic approach?

Whether you’re a CEO or an emerging leader, coaching can further your potential as a Chief Care Officer. By providing an external and invaluable perspective in identifying challenges and making changes, our coaching and professional development is delivered on a selective basis for executives who are interested in moving to the next level.